5 Tips For Taking Better Photos With Your Smartphone

Nowadays taking great pictures with your smartphone is simple. What’s the secret? Check out these tips to improve your photography skills and capture beautiful professional-quality images of your travels.

1. Turn On Grid Lines & Follow the “Rule of Thirds”. One of the easiest ways to instantly improve your photos is to turn on the camera’s grid lines option. The “rule of thirds” is a guideline that is intended to help with the placement of elements and a focal point within the composition. By aligning points of interest at intersecting points or along the lines of the grid, your photo will become balanced and overall more visually appealing.

2. Choose one interesting subject to focus on. Sometimes when there is too much going on in the composition the eye will be unable to focus. Find an interesting subject to focus on and let it be the star of the shot.

3. Find unique perspectives. If you take a photo from a unique or unexpected angle it can create an illusion of depth or height with the subjects, which makes the image stand out making it more memorable.

4. Play with reflections. The sky reflected in a body of water, clouds reflecting from a mirrored building. The human eye is naturally drawn to reflections.

5. Avoid zooming in. Avoid zooming, no matter what. When taking a picture from a distance, it’s tempting to zoom in to capture your subject, but doing so will make the photo appear grainy, blurry, and pixelated. Instead, if possible move closer to your subject or stay at a distance and crop your image later on.


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